Artfully restored and repurposed jewelry

Antique jewelry lets the wearer express their individual style without the restrictions of trends, while prolonging the life and legacy of beautiful pieces in the most sustainable way

Art Deco

Art Deco jewelry is the height of bold simplicity.  Its origin is... 


This period of jewelry directly correlates to the reign of England's Queen... 

Bringing the best back home

Based in Houston, sourced from around the world.

  • Cameos

    One of the earliest forms of wearable portraits. They date back to before the Roman occupation of the middle east. They are a carving away of shell or stone to leave a relief image. Their variety make them a delight to collect and wear.

  • Micro Mosaic

    Wildly varying in quality and design, but the basic idea is small pieces of glass assembled to form a design or image. The pieces I sell are largely a result of the Grand Tour collectors: wealthy British tourist traveling Europe and the near east. These pieces are of a very fine quality often set in semi-precious stones and yellow gold. These tiny works of art are often mistaken for paintings due to their quality and detail.

  • Why do you want a watch chain?

    Unparalleled versatility! Find yourself reaching for these chains over and over. The large bolt clasps and dog clips means they can be worn alone, with charms, a watch, or even used to wear a brooch as a pendant.

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