Why this site, and why now?

Markets, pop-ups, and house shows: that is how I have met so many of my wonderful clients.  That is where my story has intersected with many of your stories.  And that is where together, we have shared incredible moments while finding the perfect piece for you or your special someone.

Through this website, I hope to connect with some of you who have moved away, who have not yet been able to make it to our in-person events, or who simply prefer shopping from the comfort of your home. It is my hope that this platform gives you the opportunity to peruse some wonderful antique jewelry. You’ll note though, that this site likely looks different from some of the other sites you might visit. For starters, I prefer natural outdoor light over light box photography. I believe this gives you a better sense of how the piece will look against the backdrop of everyday life. This also means I do not edit pictures to look better than the actual piece. Second, since every piece is one of a kind, I endeavor to give you front and back photos and something to allow you to visualize the size of the item. For this reason, you may find a precious charm accompanied by a hand or on a geranium leaf. When possible, dimensions and sizes will be listed with the jewelry. And of course, additional photos and videos can be provided upon request.

Finally, this little shop is very much a labor of love and would not be here without some dedicated friends and a much-put-upon spouse. We aim to give our very best, but acknowledge that this web shop is a work in progress and may not run perfectly. We nonetheless believe that you will find more perks than quirks here at Hummingbird Vintage.